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Aspen Peak Shepherds Photo Gallery

We love our dogs at Aspen Peak Shepherds. They are an integral part of our family, just like all the pets we have. We believe it is important to give love and affection to them, as well as to include them in our day-to-day life. We hope these photos will help you see that our dogs are family-oriented and great companions.

Our Breeding Dogs

WDR Lakota Aspen Peak Vom Furstenhund (Lakota)

Jimeni’s Fashion V Eklectic (Santee)

Lakota, acting like the ham she is.

Lakota at 5 months, taking a moment for a photo op.

Lakota at 9 weeks old, on her first trip to Home Depot.

Lexie, one of our Tiny Lions Minuets, with her best friend, Lakota.

Kodiak, our half shepherd/half husky rescue. He keeps up with Lakota in rough housing.

Lakota kindly shares her bed with her friend, Lexie. Unquestionably, Lexie gets the most space.

First time seeing Santee with her breeder, Jim Hall.  Loved her immediately.

Santee looking out over Elk Lake. Took her several places to get her used to the car.

Santee’s first time in an RV, getting ready for our Grand Canyon trip. She’s a natural.

Kodiak (top), Lakota (middle), and Santee (bottom) taking a breather at the Grand Canyon.

Lakota is no stranger to RV trips.

Lakota is curious but calm as a female elk moves through the trees at the Grand Canyon.

Spring snow in the Colorado Rockies is totally okay with Lakota.

Lakota fancies herself a lapdog with Jackie Rudy.

Lakota with Marley Briceno-Rudy at a dog event at Under the Sun Training.

Santee taking a breather with Scott Rudy on her first hike–to Catamount Reservoir.

Kids ask to pet Lakota and Santee at Territory Days in Old Colorado, proving that everyone loves German Shepherds.

Young or old, Lakota and Santee draw a record number of pets.

Lakota at the vet’s office, waiting for her first TCI breeding.

Lakota with her first litter of pups, day after they were born.

A proud but tired momma with her litter of 8 puppies.